Managed Services

Maximize Efficiency and Adaptability

Arcana enhances your team’s capabilities across the board, including management, monitoring, incident detection, disaster recovery, backup solutions, and comprehensive security measures.


Arcana provides a wide range of customized solutions designed to align with your specific goals. Our services include:

Infrastructure Support

Enable your teams to focus on strategic initiatives rather than routine infrastructure tasks.

Application Support

ASaaS encompasses a range of support activities, including troubleshooting, bug fixes, performance monitoring, and updates.

Cloud Migration

Seamless transition of an organization's digital assets, applications, and data to cloud environments.

Design and Implementation Services

We leverage a vendor agnostic approach and provide design and implementation services for servers, storage, virtualization, containerization, database, middleware.

Network Services

We offer top-quality network services and our certified engineers and round-the-clock monitoring system guarantee your infrastructure is healthy, highly available, and performing well.


How does collaborating with Arcana look like?

Step 1

Assessment and Planning

We begin by thoroughly assessing your current IT infrastructure and understanding your specific business needs.

Step 2


Our team of experts seamlessly implements the necessary solutions, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations.

Step 3

Monitoring and Management

Once implemented, we provide continuous monitoring and proactive management of your IT systems.

Step 4

Review and Optimization

We regularly review the performance of your IT infrastructure and services, making adjustments and optimizations as needed.

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Talent on Demand

Get an Expert on demand.

Case Study

We helped a national telecom upgrade its core IBM platform.


Cost Efficiency

Small businesses benefit from managed services' lower initial costs compared to starting from scratch. Avoiding the financial burden of hiring, training, and acquiring equipment is advantageous for new ventures.


Managed services facilitate flexible system expansion or upgrades without the need for hiring and training additional staff. They ensure swift adaptation to changing resource requirements, surpassing in-house team responsiveness.

Minimized Downtime

Managed services efficiently handle the complex challenge of minimizing downtime, which in-house teams may lack the capacity or expertise to address effectively. Proactive prevention of downtime reduces associated costs.

Data Compliance

With managed services, you can conduct thorough reports and audits to ensure your organization meets all regulatory requirements, saving countless hours for your in-house team over the long term.

Reduced Risk

Managed IT services proactively minimize the risk of breaches by identifying vulnerabilities and implementing effective defenses to mitigate potential risks.

Enhanced IT Expertise

By leveraging managed services, businesses gain access to a dedicated team of IT professionals with specialized skills and knowledge. This expertise ensures that IT systems are managed and optimized to industry best practices.

Our Tech Expertise

Our skilled team is dedicated to leveraging the latest technologies to deliver exceptional results.

Linux Administration

Database Management

Client Support

Google Cloud Platform


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