What Is Staff Augmentation? Harnessing Global Power



Staff Augmentation services enable organizations to achieve numerous business objectives by utilizing a vast pool of IT skills when and where they need them. Enterprises can increase business output using this as it provides the industry-specific technical experience and supports faster time-to-market.


It can help organizations escalate productivity and cut the investment and time consumed on training and skill development by providing already skilled professionals/IT skills for specific periods for the ongoing project.


Organizations are always looking to hire the best on-demand talent for their IT projects. Resource augmentation services help enterprises find the best talent and services by utilizing in-house recruiting and shortening the time to fill talent gaps.


It is the best option to use skill sets and resources without the stress of management activities and infrastructure development. Companies facing staffing challenges due to economic uncertainty can utilize staff augmentation strategies to enhance their scalability and growth. Resource augmentation is the bridge that connects a company to the best-talented professional in the market.

What Makes Staff Augmentation So Useful?

Organizations can achieve strategic cost reductions through temporary staffing by keeping a flexible workforce. The staff augmentation providers will make temporary employees available per the contract or if an urgent need arises. The following are the key consideration that highlights the use of resource augmentation.

  • Reduce the cost of hiring and training.
  • No commitment to take on any liability for hired staff.
  • Paying for bonuses, health insurance, or other benefits is not necessary.
  • Authority to alter the team’s structure as you see fit.
  • There is never an employee vs contractor situation.


Technical advancement and globalization in IT services have made it possible for businesses to shift toward remote-based work. Nowadays, more and more technology-related companies like IBM, Microsoft, and Apple Inc. are switching from in-house hiring of resources to IT resource augmentation.


According to an IBM survey, 45% of firms need help to obtain the appropriate expertise to meet their needs. To address this limitation, organizations move towards resource augmentation. 

The reason why organizations are shifting toward resource augmentation include the following:

  • Decrease hiring cost
  • Pre-vetted resources
  • Upskilling the in-house team
  • Feedback mechanism

The Benefits of Staff Augmentation

Both project outsourcing and staff augmentation offer advantages, but for project-based businesses that are constantly changing, the latter is usually the ideal option. Companies can leverage external talent as needed while still having complete control over their team by utilizing resource augmentation.

Staff Augmentation Fill Gaps in the Workforce

One of the many advantages of staff augmentation is the capacity to make hiring decisions based on demand. It might be a highly beneficial tactic for expanding an organization’s IT staff.


Depending on the organization’s needs, staff augmentation enables enterprises to add qualified technical personnel to their development team.


Staff augmentation Increased Control over Operations.

It gives organizations total control over their operations, which allows them to see the big picture of the entire project. If you are a project manager, you will know who is working on the most crucial tasks and who is carrying out routine office duties.


Staff augmentation Maintain Control over Current Staff.

Another significant advantage of using this is that it helps maintaining control over the company’s existing employees. Organizations hand over their job to strangers when they outsource them to a service provider.


However, it gives enterprises the option of using a temporary workforce. Organizational leads can decide who will lead the project and what will be given priority.

Staff augmentation Ensure Flexibility.

When using this strategy, the cost of engaging temporary staff and releasing them once their needs have been satisfied covers the cost of hiring more permanent staff.

Additionally, it needs little contracting work, has a straightforward cost structure (fee times hours worked), is easily scaled up or down, and has little effect on an organization’s current operating model.

Types of Staff Augmentation

Engaging staff augmentation talent also comes with a wide range of options. The best option will rely on the particular requirements of your organization. Three primary models are:

  • Commodity 
  • Skill-based
  • Highly-skilled

Commodity Staff Augmentation

Commodity staff augmentation is a business strategy where a corporation hires temporary professionals to finish a particular project or series of tasks. 

There are a few considerations to consider while adopting commodity staff augmentation.

  • Carefully examine the knowledge and expertise the company requires. 
  • Define a strategy for integrating new hires into the current workforce. 
  • The company must be ready to supervise the new hires and oversee their performance

Skill-based Staff Augmentation

In skill-based staff augmentation, companies determine the precise knowledge and abilities needed for a job or project and then hire people with those skills on a temporary or permanent basis.

While adopting a skill-based model, organizations need to consider these critical factors. 

  • Determine the required information and abilities.
  • Find professionals who possess such skills.
  • Manage the connection with the expert and include them in the team.


With this kind of adaptable team augmentation services, companies are searching for a specific skill set. Still, they may not need a strategic, expert-level employee.

Highly-skilled Staff Augmentation

High-skilled staff augmentation might be deployed to solve skill gaps or quickly fill roles crucial to the business. You can free up your employees to concentrate on other activities by employing specialists in particular fields.


Finding an outsourced partner that can offer top-tier personnel to help a company obtain a competitive advantage is the primary goal of this augmentation approach. For instance, a company might be searching for a Python developer and someone with years of expertise in creating Python-based eLearning solutions.

When to Use Staff Augmentation Services

Staff augmentation is using outside personnel to augment an organization’s capacity. It is common practice in tech as organizations can get the best talent without compromising quality. Different scenarios in which the organizations prefer using this are;

  • Organizations need to augment the team quickly.
  • Organizations want an add-on to their in-house team.
  • Organizations are looking for high-level skills.
  • To increase team capacity.
  • When an organization’s project is in the hand of a tech-savvy manager.

Staff Augmentation Capability

Businesses use this to improve their scalability and agility. This strategy is in high demand and is used across multiple industrial borders.

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