Industry Overview

In a well-penetrated industry where speed and agility defines the success or failure of every move you make, how do you assure that you remain at the forefront? Having a strong footprint of successes in the telecom industry, Arcana Info is proud to be a key enabler for global telecom giants for development, deployment and integration.

Optimize critical processes such as billing, customer and order fulfillment and vendor management and devise an IT-powered engine for your telecom organization that is smart, agile and at pace with the industry.

Our seasoned architects and consultants work with our clients to devise mission-critical solutions. We have worked extensively with leading national and international carriers on application security authentication, BSS application integration, business continuity and disaster recovery, compliance and more.

Cash in on data with analytics that deliver true value

Data wins the communications battle, and we are here to help you derive true value from your data silos. We help our clients deploy, integrate and adopt powerful data analytics and business intelligence platforms that make advanced use of crucial data that drives avenues of growth for their business.

Optimize time-to-market for faster growth

Your customers don’t just demand quality services, they demand quality at lightning speeds. How do you push new services to market faster than the competition and beat ensure quality for maximum ROI? Our deep industry exposure enables leading telecom operators and integrated communications providers do just that.

How Arcana can help

Bringing value for telecom operators, integrated communications providers and carriers, Arcana can help with a range of IT-enabled telecom solutions, including:

OSS/BSS Integration

Integrate crucial support services to form a robust IT ecosystem that enables a multi-channel communication for all critical systems and process. We work with global leaders to enable end-to-end integration of mission-critical OSS/BSS stack applications.

Advanced business intelligence and data analytics 

Drive campaigns, procedures and decisions backed by insightful data that mitigates risks and optimizes business outcomes. Deploy powerful business intelligence, machine learning and analytics for marketing, CRM, customer profiling and more for outstanding performance.

Governance, risk management and compliance 

Arcana helps carriers, wireless services providers NEPs, managed services providers and other telecom companies comply with statutory requirements for quality, infrastructure availability, IT architecture and other best practices. Leverage the experience of our seasoned telecom architects and consultants.

Business continuity and disaster recovery

Availability and dependability go hand in hand when it comes to the fast-paced industry of telecom. Devise your own business continuity strategy and develop a disaster recovery plan for your IT. Optimize people, processes and technologies and partner with Arcana for complete immunity against all disasters.

End-to-end CRM capabilities

Optimize every customer touchpoint, devices and channels and deliver the same experience every time, from billing to assistance and support. Arcana offers end-to-end capabilities for the world’s most complete CRM systems used by global telecom operators and service providers.

Dependable round-the-clock on-site and off-site support

Take advantage of our profound exposure working within the telecom sector and equip your IT resources with our technical engineers, architects and consultants for on-site, off-site round-the clock support. Outsource all IT hiccups, from troubleshooting to service downtime.

Solutions for Telecommunications

We bring value for our telecom sector clients across the IT consulting, outsourcing and service integration journey. Our services include:

IT Consulting

Have a consulting partner working with your team that knows the ins and outs of IT-enabled telecommunication. Bring our broad expertise to your use with our consulting services.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Take effective pre-emptive measures for the longevity and continuity of your telecom organization with our BCP and DR strategy consulting services.

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Account for all the risks associated with running a telecom organization and ensure your systems, processes and services comply with set national standards and regulations.

IT Outsourcing

Simplify complex IT processes by outsourcing your IT to a dependable IT partner. Leverage Arcana’s capabilities across the IT ecosystem to streamline critical services.

IT Infrastructure Outsourcing

Infrastructure is key – and we are here to help you optimize it. From network to compute, storage, virtualization and beyond, Arcana can deliver value across all segments.

Business Processes

Outsource processes that clog resources and time to focus better on core services and your customers. Make Arcana your trusted outsourcing partner.

Service Integration

Deep-dive into integration for maximum service availability and reliability. Score opportunities as they arise and push your services to your consumers faster than the competition.

Service Delivery Transformation

Optimize technology, people and processes for a completely integrated IT ecosystem powering your organization at the backend for more.

Application Integration

Integrate your web of applications, software, platforms and services and make your IT ecosystem sing in harmony for ruthless business efficiency and high performance.