Small & Medium Enterprise

Industry Overview

The booming SME sector has great potential to lead innovation and discover latest trends across industries. The industry alone contributes 40% to Pakistan’s GDP and creates employment opportunities for more than 80% of the country’s non-agricultural workforce.

While the market is full of potential and opportunities to excel, SMEs need technologies at the backend which cut down operational costs and simplify processes.

From outreach to financing, client management to administration and collaboration to operations, SMEs are clogged with processes and have few human resources creating an understaffing gap. Arcana Info partners with SMEs to offer a complete suite of services that can cater end-to-end operational challenges.

Bring costs down and simplify processes smartly

We partner with startups, SOHO setups and SMEs to offer a whole range of human resource assistance. Share your services with our seasoned and experienced team of professionals, outsource your IT battles to our technical resources and eliminate unnecessary operational complexities that such processes cost.

Focus better on your business and get things done faster with Arcana’s expert resources to bring operational costs down.

Reach out to the right people and move leads down the sales funnel

Closure is the most important factor for SMEs. In order to survive sustainably, your growing business needs to convert prospects into leads and leads into loyal customers. We work with SMEs to target the very first customer touchpoints and deliver the same experience across all channels, platforms and devices to create brand identity.

We then move audience with meaningful content and provide round-the-clock support to quickly accelerate conversion. Let Arcana help you engage, connect and convert more so you can have a sustainable sales funnel for all your marketing initiatives.

How Arcana can help

Arcana provides a range of solutions to its clients in the SME industry. We make possible:

Automated marketing and lead management

Make the most out of your investment in becoming a brand name. Bring automation that integrates with publishing, promotion, support, customer service and helpdesk and manage leads on the go. Digitally transform how you manage customers and eliminate the understaffing gap from your growing business.

A whole world of products and solutions from global leaders

Arcana’s partnerships with global leaders provides our SME clients access to the best products and services that meet all their needs. We specialize in volume licensing for collaboration, cloud virtualization and security solutions for market-leading products and services.

Open source technologies for the best of digital

Deploy open-source technologies that digitize processes and get more done with less. From cloud computing to network integration, Arcana provides a complete range of open-source enablement services. Bring digital to processes most critical to your growing business for optimal performance.

A robust IT strategy and the best IT talent

Your growing business needs a dependable IT strategy that provides a roadmap for scalability and efficiency with growing needs. Arcana’s highly experienced architects help SMEs and startups strategize key IT resources and invest in IT that brings optimal return.

Compliance with legal regulations and statutes

Comply with regulations and ensure you are on the right track with our GRC consultants. Train staff on crucial accounting and finance challenges and help your growing business make the most productive use of its limited human resources.

A mobile-first approach to everything

Take your IT with you anywhere, anytime with a robust mobile-first strategy that brings everything in the palm of your hand. Manage resources on the go, collaborate and work from wherever you are and harness the real value of the cloud for high performance with Arcana as your IT consulting partner.

Solutions for Small & Medium Enterprises

We help our SME clients with a range of possibilities for business and IT. Leverage Arcana’s in-depth exposure to IT with:

IT Consulting

From infrastructure to running services and adoption, we provide expertise through a seasoned consulting team that stays by your side, from conflict to all the way to resolution.

Project Management as a Service (PMaaS)

Ensure project success with Arcana’s certified and seasoned project management professionals managing every element of your project, from kickoff to cutover.

Business Processes

Grow business smartly with our business process consulting and optimize workflow cycles for high performance. Set your SME in the right direction for self-sustaining growth.

IT Outsourcing

Enjoy cost saving and make your IT environment work seamlessly across all devices and platforms 24/7/365. Outsource key IT challenges; be it deployment, integration or support.

Shared Services

Partner with Arcana Info and establish a pool of experienced resources taking care of services, functions and processes that matter most to your business.

Social & Digital

Redefine round-the-clock availability with an active social and digital strategy that pushes your content among the right people at the right time for lasting impact.

Service Integration

Experience connectivity and service availability like never before by integrating mission-critical services together for seamless cross-collaboration.

Infrastructure Integration

Optimize technology, people and processes for a completely integrated IT ecosystem powering your SME at the backend for more.

Application Integration

With an integrated application network, enable processes and services to communicate seamlessly. Leverage our years of successful experience integrating critical applications.