Application Integration

According to Gartner, one of the biggest challenges CXOs face today is delivering value to the customers. An important reason contributing to this challenge is failure to integrating business services to provide a well-integrated portfolio.

It is time to make the shift from systems to services & take performance to a whole new scale. In a world where data availability & uptime is all it takes to make or break opportunities, services & applications need to be in rhythm & complete sync for your business to compete.

Arcana Info can help you make your most important services sing in harmony so you can enjoy cost savings, enhanced workload management & scalability like never before. Manage your application environment better, push services to market faster & gain more customers by winning big at customer experience.

Smart, agile IT that can be scaled when needed hosting a silo-less application & services ecosystem that wins opportunities is what today’s customer demands, and that is exactly what we deliver. Arcana Info has expertise working on an extensive application portfolio. These applications form an integral part of every function of today’s enterprise, namely:

1. Finance & Accounting

2. Marketing, Creative & PR

3. Leadership & Management

4. Procurement & Logistics

5. Supply Chain

6. Smart Workplace & Enterprise Mobility

7. Talent Management & Human Resources

8. Capacity Management

9. Collaboration

10. Research & Developments

11. Health Management

12. Financial Services & Insurance

13. Network

14. Utilities

15. Reporting & Monitoring

16. Helpdesk & Support

Harness business performance through consulting, technology and processes powered by smart people for your smart enterprise. Let us elevate your IT services and applications portfolio for a better tomorrow.

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Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
Software-Defined Everything (SDX)

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