Project Management as a Service (PMaaS)

Keeping Up the Pace

Sustaining in the fast world of IT driven market is all about gracefully handling multiple projects at the same time to maintain the momentum of your company. While there are a multitude of solutions to overview performance, you need much more than just a few tools and a capable workforce to stay on top of an on-going project and redirecting the necessary resources towards its success.

Managing Your Success

Arcana Info functions as a fully featured Enterprise Project Management Office manned by certified Project Management Professionals that have a track record of managing complex enterprise IT projects and leading their teams to successful closure.

Following state-of-the-art project management methodologies and globally accepted practices that enables our team to guarantee project success all with an optimized project ROI. Our Project Management experts use the latest technologies that enable them to communicate, collaborate, measure, track & report team performance.

Having led large-scale projects that require a synergy among different teams, our managers have the capabilities to entertain and resolve all conflicts that can hinder performance. An end-to-end projected environment is deployed and integrated with your project teams so you reap the benefits and we take care of the rest.

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