Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Preparing for the Worst

A successful business is not just about the quality of its services, but also the consistency at which it operates under even the most trying situations. Unforeseen disasters are an ever present threat to the stability of a company and the reliability of its brand. Even minuscule down times can lead to immense damage to revenue, data and customer trust. What’s needed is a fool-proof and responsive plan to react towards disasters in order to minimize losses while accelerating recovery.

Getting You Back on Your Feet

Leveraging continuity and DR methodologies from world-leading testing standards, Arcana Info offers you the opportunity to safeguard the IT back-bone that drives your business by enhancing security, deploying robust fail-safes and providing a dependable contingency plan to rely on in times of emergencies.

Having worked on both off-site DR facilities as well as remote back-up solutions, Arcana’s experts are ready to turn your business into a corporate powerhouse that can withstand any disaster scenarios. Our diverse portfolio of clients range from globe-spanning franchises to ambitious SME’s who all share the same tried and tested continuity and DR solutions provided by us.

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