Real Estate & Construction

Industry Overview

Technology has become an inseparable part of our lives and a catalyst for change in every industry and the real estate and construction sector is no exception. Technology focuses on growth and efficiency and the real estate sector is rapidly evolving especially with e-commerce trading now introduced in Pakistan.

With pressure to increase profit margins, improve workflows, deliver timely projects, control operational costs and effectively market projects, technological enhancement plays a major role to drive growth. Arcana Info is well equipped to provide your real estate and construction business a reliable edge in today’s fast paced world.

Create a connected work space and improve your efficiency

Arcana prominently understands the complexities involved in the real estate and construction business and our experts can help streamline processes to allow you to make expert decisions. Whether you deal in corporate or commercial real estate we understand the challenges involved and offer customized business process management solutions, backed by high end technology to help you meet project and client requirements before time.

Drive exponential growth in today’s complex marketplace 

Reaching millions of potential buyers and securing them as loyal clients is no walk in the park though reach and conversions continue to be vital for growth in the realty business. To simplify the roles of property owners and constructors we offer advanced digital solutions to reach your target market across all touch points.

Ingenious technology has made marketing more innovative than ever and Arcana leverages it in the best possible manner to reach customers utilizing all digital and social channels. We make sure to reach the right customers and prove lasting results and we ensure this by planning a 360 degree strategy with continuous remarketing plans. Partner with Arcana to take your realty business to new heights of success.

How Arcana can help

Arcana can greatly increase value by bringing to you ingenious technology to solve all facets of real estate and construction challenges, including:

Timeline and Project Management

Arcana Info possesses high end expertise to manage your real estate and construction projects from the planning phase till finish. Our experts take care to prioritize and optimize the project lifecycle to ensure efficiency and successful delivery. Each phase of the project is handled using agile methodology and resources are allocated sufficiently according to needs while minimizing overall costs.

Web presence & eCommerce portal for higher reach coupled with SEO

In the current age, businesses that are not online are more or less forgotten. It’s not just the rise of the web but ecommerce is at peak especially in the realty sector. Take your business to the web and the masses and allow Arcana to create and manage a state of the art website for your business, whether it be for awareness purposes or commerce.
Market your website and allow it to reach exponential organic hits for specified keywords by our well managed and planned SEO strategy. Our team uniquely studies clients’ target market and creates the most suitable customized approach for targeting.

Property and Client Management utilizing CRM expertise

Consult with Arcana Info to automate your buying and selling and keep all information intact. Arcana can help create a customized CRM solution for end to end management of all activities and archive information. Arcana offers multiple comprehensive CRM solutions to enhance your business.

Social Media Branding, Management and Advertisement

Social media continues to be an increasingly important platform for creating mass awareness and converting them into leads. Arcana Info specializes in Omni channel targets for your marketing needs and covers the social media page by initiating a presence on all channels and creating strategies that go viral for capturing attention.

Launch events and Outdoor advertising

Media events, extravagant launches and outdoor awareness continues to play a major role for realty and at Arcana we strive to get the word out there in most efficient and cost effective manner. Take advantage of our expertise and unique graphical creatives to market your business.

Solutions for Real Estate & Construction

Digitize your real estate and construction business and enhance your productivity and business offering. We offer viable solution in three major areas:

Take your learning and research institute to the next level with a complete suite of IT enablement services provided by a dependable IT services and solutions partner. We offer deep industry exposure with:

IT Consulting

Weave the strategy for smarter education and transform your institute’s processes for blended learning opportunities. Create an education ecosystem that drives results and speaks for itself.

Business Process Consulting

Make use of the deep industry exposure of our exports to optimize critical processes. Harness the real value of technology and key resources to your advantage.

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Stand clear of government rules and regulations by adhering to statutes beforehand. Have a documented risk strategy for safer and smarter learning.

IT Outsourcing

Cut down costs and accelerate productivity with a dependable IT partner for key IT resources. Make use of our IT expertise to optimize your infrastructure, applications and services.

IT Infrastructure Outsourcing

Grow at scale and keep infrastructure costs under control without worrying about service downtime. Converge infrastructure resources and take your institute a step ahead.

Application Outsourcing

Drive your applications from DevOps to market faster – leverage our strong application management capabilities and digitize education for unmatched productivity.

Service Integration

Integrate infrastructure, applications and services to create an ecosystem that houses outstanding thinkers and achievers. Bring your institute under the umbrella of Education 3.0.

Application Integration

Bring applications and education closer than ever by automating crucial processes, introducing digital learning and remapping how teachers and students collaborate.

Infrastructure Integration

Take efficiency and service availability to new heights and make your systems available at all times without compromise for maximum educational performance.