Public Sector

Industry Overview

From rapid technology advancements to ever-increasing citizen services requirements, the public sector is facing an increasing number of challenges. These challenges hinder growth and pave the way to economic disruption in the long run.

At Arcana Info, we aim to partner with public sector organizations to embed smart and agile technologies that simplify processes and speed up activities. We work with different segments across the public sector, from healthcare to communications authorities, education regulations, logistics, government authorities, aviation and beyond.

Arcana offers a full spectrum of consulting expertise for public sector organizations. We help smartly outline IT objectives and work towards achieving them by optimizing current infrastructure and processes.

We deploy seasoned architects and consultants who deeply understand the requirements of our clients and are well aware of the challenges present in client-particular segment.

Digitize processes and push services to citizens faster

Citizens need information that is readily available and accessible. Bringing services powered by technology is the need of now and the public sector needs to take a step into digital transformation. We help our public-sector clients digitize processes and push digital services to citizens faster.

Bring greater agility and dependability by deploying the latest technology

Public sector organizations face a constant threat of service unavailability and unpredictable downtime. To counter this challenge, robust technology is needed. Arcana partners with global technology leaders to bring a diverse portfolio of state-of-the-art infrastructure technologies for public sector organizations.

How Arcana can help

We deliver value in various avenues of IT so that public sector organizations can shift from conventional processes to digitized and automated services and become high performers. Our capabilities include:

Process automation and service orchestration

Deploy automation technologies and digitize mission-critical citizen services. Deliver queue-less service availability and get things done faster for your public-sector organization. Arcana holds strong capabilities across all services ranging from administration to analytics and reporting.

Compliance with industry best practices

Ensure your system and services comply with industry best practices and become a public sector high performer. Document all your IT resources and lay the complete IT strategy with the help of our seasoned consultants working with leading public sector organizations across various segments.

Change management for an integrated IT ecosystem

Arcana helps public sector organizations manage changes to infrastructure and services so that upgrades are welcomed and adopted across all levels of the hierarchy. Our consultants specialize in change management and support, architectural redesign for true performance and talent optimization services.

Intelligence and security architecture

Our professionals help government departments take adequate security measures and have a documented safety & security strategy in place. Our team consists of experienced professionals who have worked closely with leading security and defense organizations from around the world.

Supply chain and logistics management

Optimize the entire supply chain and logistics lifecycle to accelerate critical stock management. With our solutions for supply chain and logistics, public sector leaders have thrived on increased productivity and resource management capabilities. Partner with our experts and optimize your supply chain lifecycle.

Dependable round-the-clock on-site and off-site support

Take advantage of our profound exposure working within the telecom sector and equip your IT resources with our technical engineers, architects and consultants for on-site, off-site round-the clock support. Outsource all IT hiccups, from troubleshooting to service downtime.

Solutions for Public Sector

We help public sector clients transform into digitally-powered high performers by providing expertise in all the three stages of the IT lifecycle:

IT Consulting

By becoming a trusted consulting partner, Arcana Info integrates its expertise with the client’s capabilities for maximum performance and minimum operational complexities.

Project Management as a Service (PMaaS)

Ensure project success with Arcana’s certified and seasoned project management professionals managing every element of your project, from kickoff to cutover.

IT Architecture

Optimize IT systems, applications and services for maximum organizational performance and reduce the gap between IT induction and adoption across the hierarchy.

IT Outsourcing

Deliver knowledge across your organization regarding the latest technologies, train technical resources and outsource all IT systems and applications challenges to Arcana Info.

IT Training and Education

Leverage the technical experience of our certified trainers and instructors to train your staff for all the right technologies. Speed up IT adoption with a fully trained workforce.

IT Infrastructure and Application Outsourcing

Outsource technologies that clog resources and time to focus better on core services for your users. Make Arcana your trusted IT outsourcing partner for agile performance.

Service Integration

Bond all systems, processes and services to create a public-sector IT ecosystem that is geared towards end-to-end digital transformation. Bring out the best in your IT resources with Arcana.

Infrastructure Integration

Optimize technology, people and processes for a completely integrated IT ecosystem powering your government organization at the backend for more.

Application Integration

Integrate your web of applications, software, platforms and services and make your IT ecosystem sing in harmony for ruthless organization efficiency and high performance.