Industry Overview

Education is evolving more than ever with technology, and Arcana Info is proud to be working at the heart of it. Our deep industry ties have helped education leaders in Pakistan take the leap for digital transformation.

Working closely with prestigious educational institutes such as Lahore University of Management Sciences and National University of Science & Technology, our team has delivered value by providing comprehensive training sessions to the faculty for enhanced integration and use of the latest technology at the back-end.

Education gone cognitive

Unravel a complete revolution in how we educate with cognitive education. Arcana partners with global technology leaders and innovation pacemakers to provide its own suite of cognitive education solutions.

With smart insights into day-to-day activities of the teachers, students, faculty and institute as a whole, there will be no gaps left to doubt. Explore how our cognitive education capabilities can help educational institutes revolutionize the way we deliver and learn.

Maximize compliance and stay at the pace of the digital era

We understand it can be challenging for your educational institute to be in compliance with standards set by national governing bodies. Outsource your governance and compliance worries to an IT services partner that truly understands your need to work at the heart of innovation, research and development.

How Arcana can help

Drawing on decades of deep industry exposure of each team member, Arcana partners with leading national and international educational institutes to provide a range of possibilities for:

Digital learning and e-Learning practices

We partner with educational institutes, testing and examination providers, publishers and tuition centers to provide a complete range of digital learning and e-learning possibilities. These include content management, mobile, cognitive education, ERP implementation and more.

Collaboration between instructors, administrators, trainers and students

Change the way information flows between students, faculty and teachers by integrating the power of web and search into education. Bring a whole plethora of valuable information to all key stakeholders and encourage an omni-channel learning ecosystem for your institute.

Communication and Mobility for advanced learning

Teacher-to-teacher, student-to-student, teacher-to-student and student-to-teacher collaboration that harnesses the real depths of blended learning for an educational ecosystem that is not bound by availability of resources.

Solutions for next-gen education

We help bring cross-channel communication to your advantage that multiplies the speed at which information can reach all key stakeholders. From connectivity to insights, let technology enable communication possibilities that could not be imagined before.

Data-driven education providers, associations and examinations

Blend virtual, augmented and mixed reality with your educational curriculum and let our smart cognitive education solutions help improve trainer, student and faculty performance. Create an educational ecosystem that harnesses revolutionary research and development.

Omni-channel enablement for connected banking

Bring the power of data to your educational institute and make learning seamless for students. We help schools, colleges and universities thrive on education enabled by technology, powered by data that only knows how to deliver quantifiable performance results each time.

Solutions for Education

Take your learning and research institute to the next level with a complete suite of IT enablement services provided by a dependable IT services and solutions partner. We offer deep industry exposure with:

IT Consulting

Weave the strategy for smarter education and transform your institute’s processes for blended learning opportunities. Create an education ecosystem that drives results and speaks for itself.

Business Process Consulting

Make use of the deep industry exposure of our exports to optimize critical processes. Harness the real value of technology and key resources to your advantage.

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Stand clear of government rules and regulations by adhering to statutes beforehand. Have a documented risk strategy for safer and smarter learning.

IT Outsourcing

Cut down costs and accelerate productivity with a dependable IT partner for key IT resources. Make use of our IT expertise to optimize your infrastructure, applications and services.

IT Infrastructure Outsourcing

Grow at scale and keep infrastructure costs under control without worrying about service downtime. Converge infrastructure resources and take your institute a step ahead.

Application Outsourcing

Drive your applications from DevOps to market faster – leverage our strong application management capabilities and digitize education for unmatched productivity.

Service Integration

Integrate infrastructure, applications and services to create an ecosystem that houses outstanding thinkers and achievers. Bring your institute under the umbrella of Education 3.0.

Application Integration

Bring applications and education closer than ever by automating crucial processes, introducing digital learning and remapping how teachers and students collaborate.

Infrastructure Integration

Take efficiency and service availability to new heights and make your systems available at all times without compromise for maximum educational performance.